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Persistence and adherence to parenteral osteoporosis therapies: a systematic review.

Osteoporos Int. 2020 Jul 01;: Authors: Koller G, Goetz V, Vandermeer B, Homik J, McAlister FA, Kendler D, Ye C

This systematic review examines real-world adherence to parenteral osteoporosis therapies. We searched PubMed, Medline, and EMBASE databases for English language observational studies that examined patient adherence and/or persistence to parenteral osteoporosis treatments (teriparatide sc, ibandronate iv, zoledronic acid iv, and denosumab sc) in adults with osteoporosis published up to September 2018. Studies with only self-reported adherence or persistence data and those with less than 20 patients were excluded. Quality assessment of included studies was completed using the Newcastle-Ottawa quality assessment scale (NOS). We identified 40 eligible studies. Teriparatide was examined in 29 studies, with persistence rates of 10-87% (median 55%) at 1 year and 10-69% (median 29.5%) at 2 years, and adherence rates of 21-89% (median 53%) at 1 year and 37-68% (median 40%) at 2 years. Ten studies of zoledronic acid reported persistence rates of 34-73% (median 42%) for second dose and 20-54% (median 35.8%) for third dose. Ten studies of ibandronate adherence reported and 2-year persistence rates of 31-58% (median 47.5%) in 1 year and 13-35% (median 25%) at 2 years, and adherence rates of 21-72% (median 47.3%) and 15-58% (median 36.5%) respectively. Denosumab was reported in 19 studies, with second (1 year) and fourth (2 year) dose persistence rates of 61-100% (median 81%) and 36-99% (median 45.5%). There is substantial heterogeneity in reports of persistence and adherence rates with parenteral osteoporosis therapies. Most of the published data are from short-term studies and evaluations of long-term adherence and persistence with parenteral therapies for osteoporosis are needed. PMID: 32613409 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

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